About Us

Welcome all!

Hey sweet friends! I'm Annie. I am the founder of Nickel & Thread and I am so happy you are here!

It has been my dream to open a boutique to showcase beautiful items from all around the globe, while also taking a step toward a better world. I truly believe that the purchases we make can positively influence our lives and the lives of others. We can all choose to purchase with a purpose. When you shop at Nickel & Thread you are not just buying a new accessory, you are making an impact on the lives of artisans and their communities around the world. I am beyond excited for you to join this journey with me!  

About Nickel & Thread - An Online Fair Trade Jewelry Boutique



Nickel & Thread is a fair trade boutique on a mission to make our world a better one. 

We value the relationships and sustainable partnerships we have made near and far. We work with artisans all around the world to hand select uniquely beautiful products. The products we showcase highlight the culture and traditional skills of our artisans. Purchasing fair trade items directly impacts the lives of the artisans that created them, their families and communities, and our whole world. 


1. We believe that the products we purchase should positively benefit our world.

2. We value the relationships we have made and will make in the future. These connections are more meaningful than anything else. 

3. We value the unique handmade products that these artisans have passionately created. 

4. We value people and our planet and believe they come first. 



Nickel & Thread - An Online Fair Trade Jewelry Boutique.